sipnosis Romance of The Red Dust

Pemain : Shu Qi, Wallace Hou

Sipnosis :
Hot actress Shu Qi, recently crowned Best Actress at the Golden Horse Awards for Three Times, stars in the TV series Romance of Red Dust. Rarely appearing in TV series, Shu Qi takes up the role of an ancient legendary beauty in this TV drama, known as "Lady with a Red Duster". She assists her beloved husband Li Qing to help the new emperor establish the Tang dynasty. Romance of Red Dust centers on "Lady with a Red Duster" and her relationships with five men in her life, interweaving love, hate, loyalty, cengeance, into one intriguing drama. There seems to be no better actress than the charismatic Shu Qi to enact this unique historical heroine. Shu Qi will show off her skills in action and dancing and also bring to live the ancient beauty's love for her husband.

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