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Huan Zhu Ge Ge
Pemain :
Sipnosis :
This is a drama based on the book written by famous author, 琼瑶 (Qiong Yao). Once upon a time, Emperor Qian Long met a lady, Xia Yuhe, while he was out travelling around the country. They fell in love and had a daughter, Xia Ziwei (Ruby Lin). But because he was emperor he had to return to Beijing, he said that a few months later he would order someone to go feetch Xia Yuhe, but no one ever went. Many years later, Yuhe fell ill and passed away. Ziwei and her maid, Jin Suo (Fan Bing Bing), came all the way from Jinan to Beijing to look for her long seperated father. Ziwei was given two items from her mother: a fan and a drawing that was given from Emperor Qianlong to Xia Yuhe. Ziwei wants to use these item to identify herself to her father.

Huan Zhu Ge Ge II
Pemain :
Zhang Tie Lin as Emperor Qianlong
Vicki Zhao Wei as Xiao Yan Zi
Ruby Lin as Zi Wei
Alec Su as Yong Qi (Wu A Ge)
Zhou Jie as Fu Er Kang
Fan Bing Bing as Jin Suo
Dai Chun Rong as Empress
Li Ming Qi as Rong Mo Mo
Juan Zi as Ling Fei
Zhao Ming Fen as Tai Hou
Lu Shi Yu as Liu Qing
Chen Ying as Liu Hong
Wang Yan as Qing Er
Zhu Hong Jia as Xiao Jian
Liu Dan as Han Xiang
Mu Feng Bin as Meng Dan
Sipnosis :
Our beloved fake princess returns for the second installation of the series. This time she is the fiancee of the Fifth Prince, but her life will be far worse off. The emperor's mother has returned from praying in the temples and she is appalled by all the changes that the emperor has made; it was bad enough that he adopted a daughter from the commoners but also found wives for the Fifth prince and Er Kang, who she wanted to marry his maid Qing Er to. To top it all off, Xiao Yan Zi's nonsense and no sense of palace rules has driven the Grand Empress over the edge. She is determined to drive the two girls out of the Palace. At this time, the beautiful daughter of a bordering nation - Han Xiang was "given" to the emperor as a prize so that the two nations will stop fighting. Han Xiang has a specialty that she gives off a sweet odor naturally. The emperor falls head over heels for her but unfortunately, Han Xiang already has a lover, Meng Dan, who is determined to get her back. Meng Dan fortuitously meet Xiao Yan Zi and the gang and for the love for sword fights they became close friends. Xiao Yan Zi decides to help them and sneak Han Xiang out of the palace. For this crime the emperor could take no more so he orders for the death of Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei. Wu A Ge, Er Kang and the gang sacrifice their positions and lives to save the two princesses and run for their lives. On their journey they are being helped by Xiao Jian, who are helping them for no reason but seems to not like the emperor very much... and what is with his special treatment for Xiao Yan Zi? The Empress, who still hates them used this chance to order secret assassins to kill the whole crew... Will they survive and be returned to their original positions

Huan Zhu Ge Ge III
Pemain :
Sipnosis :
In the third installment of the series, the Grand Empress has come back for another run at the gang. At the frustration of Yong Qi's lack of heir, the Grand Empress has made Yong Qi marry another girl so that he may produce a son and maybe one day become the emperor. Xiao Jian, Xiao Yan Zi's brother is in love with Qing Er, but he has a grudge with the emperor for killing their parents many years ago. Since Qing Er is a popular person in front of the Grand Empress, her marriage is within the empress's hands. In order for them to be together, Yong Qi must marry the other girl. Yong Qi chose to be the hero and sacrificed himself so that Qing Er and Xiao Jian could be together. What is worse is that the nation bordering China is going into war and Er Kang became drafted. During one of the big battles he loses his memory and falls for another girl. Will Er Kang return to Zi Wei? Will Yong Qi fall for his second wife?

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